I dropped my wife at company.

Then I sent my son to nursery.

My son asked me, "Where is mummy."

"She went to work."

"She goes to work."

We just leave the company for 1 minutes.

Should we use present or past tense?

  • What kind of company you left? You left the company, where does your wife work? Or you left the company of young people with whom you drank alcoholic beverages? – Vladimir Glinskikh Sep 14 '17 at 12:09
  • She is at work now. 'present tense' – Manzimes Sep 14 '17 at 14:48

A more typical English speaking answer to your son's question would use the present tense with the preposition "at"

She's at work.

The past tense "She went to work" sounds a little awkward if you've left only a minute ago, and you are the one that dropped her off. If your wife took herself to work, then "She went to work" would make more sense.

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She went to work.

is OK. It indicates that she left earlier, and is now at work.

She goes to work.

indicates something she does in general, or on a regular basis.

I miss my mommy. Where does she go everyday?

She goes to work.

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