Our Fathers of Old' Excellent herbs had our fathers of old--
Excellent herbs to ease their pain--
Alexanders and Marigold,
Eyebright, Orris, and Elecampane
, Basil, Rocket, Valerian, Rue,
(Almost singing themselves they run)
Vervain, Dittany, Call-me-to-you--
Cowslip, Melilot, Rose of the Sun.

This is 'Our Fathers of Old' by Kipling.
I can not understand the meaning of the sentence below.
Almost singing themselves they run
I am glad if somebody kindly teach me.


The poet celebrates the 'musical' quality of the names: as they 'run' (move swiftly forward) they seem, in and by themselves, without regard to context, to 'sing': fall naturally into a poetic line.

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