We have been received the certificate from the sony company.

Can we use the company in this sentence?

  • We have been received is improper. This is the passive construction and requires that the thing received be cast as Subject. Say either "We have received the certificate..." or "The certificate has been received...". – StoneyB on hiatus Sep 19 '17 at 11:09

Usually we would not use the company, because "Sony" is already a proper name and functions like a noun in that phrase, so you don't need another noun. The normal versions would be

...from Sony.

if you want to use the name "Sony", or

...from the company.

if you don't want to state the name.

The only time you might use both the name and the company is when

  • the company is actually part of the name, like

    You will have to write to the Consolidated Mutual Company.


  • you want to use the company in a phrase to clarify something about the name, like

    This product is made by the Chinese company Pearl River.
    This company is made by the Heilongjiang company of China.

because your reader might not know that Pearl River or Heilongjiang are companies.

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