Help me recognize what is being said in the following video:


At time 1:24 of the video, I can't quite figure out the exact words that are being said...This is roughly what I heard:

....something... the work ....something.... created by..

Does anybody knows the correct wordings for this?

Some notes on how I tried to identify the wordings:

I downloaded the youtube video by adding cp in front of the word youtube in the URL so it becomes : https://www.cpyoutube.com/watch?v=7RVGdA9AhrY

And from the selection that appears, I chose the video quality I want to download.

To play the video at a slower pace than the default, I used vlc media player. And to slow the playback, I just pressed [ on the keyboard to have it play the video at 0.26 times slower than normal.

After I finished doing the above and played the video many times, I'm still not certain what words were being said. Perhaps because I'm having difficulty with listening British English, since English is not my native language. But I'm guessing that he could have said any of the following:

1) Whom, the work, it was created by..

2) Who, the work was created by..

3) Who, the work, it was created by..

4) other possibilities...

Which one is more grammatically correct? which one did you heard him say?

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The narrator says at 1:24

who the worksheet was created by

This has little to do with grammatical possibilities: it is what he said. My hearing and deduction was based on the narrator's introduction, which says the video is about "Excel VBA" which is programming code embedded in a spreadsheet. Each tab of an Excel spreadsheet is called a worksheet.


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