(1) Did you go for the walking?

(2) Did you go for a walk?

(3) Did you go walking?

Is there any difference between three of them? For me it is right. I am talking about the grammatical as well as the meaning difference. I think the three sentences are well. Some people told me that the first sentence isn't correct. I understand that it is correct, It follows the grammar rule.

Did+sub+verb+preposition(for)+object of preposition which is noun(walking - gerund of walk(verb)


All three are grammatically correct but (1) has a different meaning to (2) and (3).

Sentence (1) asks whether the walking was the reason that you went. For example, if a group of friends go for a walk together, the answer to "Did you go for the walking?" might be "No. I went for the conversation."

Sentences (2) and (3) have almost identical meanings.

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