What are the alternate ways of telling a person that I am doing nothing in the moment? I have tried using 'just sitting around'.

  • Idiomatically, [I'm] just hangin' / hanging [out, about, around] is increasingly common among younger speakers. Or more extreme, just vegging (mindlessly vegetating). Sep 21, 2017 at 15:11

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There isn't a definitive way of saying this that I can think of. To my knowledge most ways of expressing that you're not doing anything in particular right now are idiomatic.

With that said here are a few idioms that you could use if you want to vary your vocabulary a little:

  • Just chillin'
  • Nothing much
  • Hanging out
  • Twiddling my thumbs
  • Nothing in particular

There are loads of ways to express this, these are one's I'd use.

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