1. Most honey sold in the market is mixed/diluted with sugar.

  2. Almost all honey sold in the markets is mixed/diluted with sugar.

Which one should be used to express the large amount of honey (up to 90%)?

  • the observation found only 10% that can be classified as pure honey.

Most and almost all are imprecise terms designating approximate ranges; but the two terms designate very different approximate ranges.

  • Technically you can get away with using most for any portion greater than 50%, but in ordinary practice it is misleading to use most unless the portion is substantially greater than half. I'd feel uncomfortable using most for anything less than two-thirds of the total.

  • Almost all is generally understood to designate a portion so large that the marginal quantity can and should be ignored. 90% is marginal; many people might regard that as legitimately almost all, but I personally would feel uncomfortable using almost all for anything less than 95%.

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