The Center is located at five sites in Honolulu.

I found this on the Internet. I am confused why this uses singular form "the center is" regardless of "five sites". Is this sentence grammatically correct?

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    Yes. The subject is "The Center" (singular). – user3169 Sep 23 '17 at 20:37

The Center is located at five sites in Honolulu

  • The subject is The Center (singular) and the at five site is a prepositional phrase indicates that the The Center has five branches (building sites) situated in five particular areas in Honolulu; these branches belong to the same Center ( which is the subject).

  • Example; "Researchers founded LIGO in 1992. It is located in two sites; one at Hanford, Washington and the other is at Livingston, Louisiana" So the sentence is correct.

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