Can you please tell me if I've used the subjunctive correctly in this sentence?

Sara and Seema's insistence that the book feature as its cover a controversial photograph caused a lot of disagreement among publishing executives.

  • The sentence is not incorrect, but "feature a controversial photograph as its cover" could be better than "feature as its cover a controversial photograph". We rarely separate a verb from its direct object, unless perhaps the adverb phrase in between is fairly short and the object noun phrase is fairly long.
    – aschepler
    Sep 24, 2017 at 23:14

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Yes, the verb "feature" is correctly in the subjunctive mood.


Yes, it's correct. There is also nothing wrong with how you've worded it. Aschepler answered it differently as he didn't like where you place "as its cover"; however, I have no problem with it in your answer. Yours may sound a little poetic, but I don't even think that. I wouldn't flinch if someone said that to me.

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