He has finished drinking the milk and refused to give me the bottle.

The milk spilled out from the feeding bottle.

"See. The milk spilled out."

Does spilled out described well as the image?

enter image description here

  • This US English speaker would usually say just "spilled", not "spilled out". I would only add out if I needed to clarify exactly where it was out of, like "out of the hole in the bucket" or whatever. – stangdon Sep 26 '17 at 1:17

Yes, that's fine.

Depending on just how this happened, it MIGHT be more appropriate to say "sprayed out". Usually when we say "spilled", we're thinking of a liquid falling out of a cup or bowl. If the liquid is coming out of a small hole like that we usually say "sprayed" it if came out quickly, maybe "dribbled" if it came out slowly. But "spilled out" is acceptable.

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You could also say

The milk squirted from the rubber nipple.

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