As soon as she was a queen, she went around the country.

Can I change this sentence into ''no sooner----than''?

For example,

No sooner was she a queen than she went around the country.

I raise a doubt that the word ''was'' is a linking verb and we can use it for inversion as inversion can apply for ''auxiliary verb''.And the word ''she'' is a weaker proper noun for ''copula inversion''.


BE is always treated as an auxiliary verb, even when it is the sole verb in a clause, so the inversion is proper.

No sooner was she queen than she went around the country.

Note that queen should not have the article unless you are dealing with a situation where the country has multiple queens; and you must include the than.

  • +1, although you might want to explicitly mention that you need to add than. – stangdon Sep 26 '17 at 11:25

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