it is clear that "Vanilla" means that component that we add to our food , and no one don't know the meaning of "experiences" but i can't got it in this context , and i thi,k that it is a slang or idiomatic expression , could you help getting the meaning of it :

" right there in front of them now without commenting on whether these people were already very socially awkward in the first place I thought it was very interesting how even with vanilla experiences one could be so used to reducing themselves to a voyeur that they come to prefer that rather than the real deal "


Vanilla is an odd word.

Vanilla is an orchid that grows in Mexico. The tincture (extract in alcohol) of its seed pods has a delicious aroma and flavor.

Its most common use is flavoring ice-cream, so much so that vanilla ice-cream is not just the most popular variety, but effectively the default variety: when it comes to ice-cream (and similar products like frozen yogurt) whenever the variety is left unstated, it is assumed to be vanilla.

As a result, vanilla came to mean the default variety of anything, and eventually, the boring, unadventurous, predictable variety of anything.

If an automobile is "vanilla", it is a sedan with the base-model engine, and some common color like red or black. If a person is "vanilla", he is largely conventional and conformist. The word is often applied to sexual preferences; the opposite being "kinky" or "deviant".

"Vanilla experiences" are whatever the conventional experiences would be in a particular pursuit.

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