What does 'work with' mean?

Penguins are not the only animals that have used tablet computers. At Zoo Atlanta, in the American state of Georgia, orangutans, gorillas, and sun bears have also worked with the technology.

Animals Like Video Games, Too


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It means that orangutans, gorillas, and sun bears have used tablet computers.

The sense of work is to use [as a tool to do something].

In the same way as A carpenter works with hammers, nails, and wood.

It is probably confusing to you because the pair of words work with often has other meanings, such as work together with, as in Mary works [together] with her sister.

It can also mean that two or more things match well or accomplish something well in combination:

The black boots really work with the red dress.
Yeast works with sugar to make bread dough rise.


Based on your sentence examples, "with" is used when you are referring to the connection as in I worked with the ABC company, meaning I and abc company worked together.

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