So, i am trying to find 3 key nouns, 3 pronouns that refer to them and synonyms that are substitutes for them. These are for a paragraph in school, but I am really in trouble with it. This is the paragraph and is called "A Mardi Gras Custom":

(1) “Throw me something, mister,” is the customary plea for a Mardi Gras “throw.” (2) In the final days of Mardi Gras -- the season of parties, parades, and revelry that precedes the Christian period of fasting and penance called Lent -- crowds of spectators line the streets of New Orleans. (3) They hope to catch a Mardi Gras souvenir tossed from parading floats. (4) Mardi Gras organizations called “krewes” build the floats and sponsor the parades, and while cruising along parade routes, costumed krewe members throw plastic trinkets to the crowds below. (5) The trinkets, which are called “throws,” consist of bead necklaces, coins, cups, toys, Frisbees, and figurines stamped with the krewe’s symbol or the parade theme. (6) Mardi Gras throws are big business for the companies that supply them. (7) Krewe members spend an average of $800 on them, and some spend much more. (8) By far the most treasured of the Mardi Gras mementos are gaudy bead necklaces. (9) Originally made of glass, they are now made of plastic (Roach, 2001).

The only noun that I found that has a pronoun ("They", in the third sentence) but I can't find a synonym for it, is "spectators" (second sentence). I don't need you to find me the answers.

I just want to understand how to find them.

  • If I had to do this exercise, I would highlight all of the pronouns in the text then try to find their nouns. – ColleenV Oct 4 '17 at 13:42

An indicator for a synonym is a statement like "ABC, also known as XYZ", or "the huge American city called the Big Apple" - eg. when something is first described by its properties and then is being given a (synonymous) "name".

When looking for pronouns that replace nouns, they often replace nouns in earlier sentences. "I ate an Apple. And it tasted good." So look beyound sentence boundaries.

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@ColleenV answered in a comment:

If I had to do this exercise, I would highlight all of the pronouns in the text then try to find their nouns.

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