For first person:
1) I study during night
For third person:
2) He studies in night
For second person:
3)You must continue your studies.

Why in this sentence is the third person verb form used?

  • I can't understand your question completely; which sentence uses the third person verb form? Only the 2º one as far as I can see. I'm not completely sure but you may possibly be talking about the noun phrase your studies acting as a direct object of the verb continue, right? The "verb" studies is not acting as a verb there; it is acting as a noun, the plural form of study, study can have two different usages: As a noun: I love math studies! - As a verb: I study math. In: You must continue your studies - studies isn't a verb; instead, it is a noun in its plural form.
    – Davyd
    Commented Oct 10, 2017 at 17:07

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Third person singular is different; all the others are the same. First person: I study, we study; second person: you (singular) study, you (plural) study; third person: he/she/it studies, they study.

An excerpt from Cengage.com, please see the entire page:

Subject-Verb Agreement
Simple Present Base Forms:  like    have    be      do

1st person: I               like    have    am      do
2nd person: you             like    have    are     do
3rd person: he, she, it     likes   has     is      does

1st person: we              like    have    are     do
2nd person: you             like    have    are     do
3rd person: they            like    have    are     do

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