These days I am studying about the different uses of em dash. What is the use of "em dash" here?

The color pink has been my favourite. I have developed a passion for this beautiful color. I like pink so much that I’ve had my bedroom painted pink. This has had a really soothing effect on me—it’s made me more relaxed.

Is the following equivalent with the sentence with em dash?

This has had a really soothing effect on me and it’s made me more relaxed.


The dash here is equivalent to a colon, and it's also not much different from having a full stop, but obviously the dash makes clear that the two sentences are linked, which a full stop wouldn't. There is no particular reason to imagine an "and". In fact, adding the "and" makes the two thoughts sound a bit less connected. The way I read it, the relaxation exemplifies the soothing effect, whereas the "and" would perhaps make them sound like two separate effects.

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