With apologies to the CBC radio program This is That, which was likely planning a segment of its own on this important topic, reader comments on the idea of having Britain become part of Canada are welcome below.

A modest proposal for the U.K. as it eyes NAFTA

What does 'welcome below' mean here?


The comments section appears lower on the page than the quote you've provided. I think that, if you exclude part of the sentence, it will make more sense:

. . . reader comments [. . .] are welcome below.

And here's what it looks like:

Comments section on linked page with quoted text
(click to expand)

So, I might similarly say "Comments on this answer are welcome below" meaning, "feel free to post a comment about what you think of this answer in the space provided, which is below this post".

  • oh! I've got it. --;; – whitecap Oct 16 '17 at 19:43

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