Predicate adjectives Example: The sea is blue. Attributive adjectives Example: The blue sea.

Attributive adjectives are adjectives that describe a characteristic (or attribute) of the noun or pronoun that they modify.

Here is my doubt. Predicate adjectives Example: It is blue. Attributive adjectives Example: The blue ( ? ).

By definition, can we use "it" in (?) place or can we use a pronoun in the place of Attributive adjective?


Pronouns are not usually modified because they're normally used anaphorically to substitute for the entire noun phrase.

  • He killed the blue person
  • He killed him (=the blue person)?

CGEL also says that pronouns do not normally take pre-head dependents.

Pronouns do not normally allow internal pre-head dependents:*Extravagant he bought a new car; *I met interesting them all.


So your example the blue it is not idiomatic.

Pronouns can, however, take an adverb as a peripheral modifier:

I love only you.

Or adjectival modifiers in some idiomatic phrases:

Poor you!

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