I recall reading somewhere a word that was a synonym of "question that forces a yes/no answer", but I don't remember which word was it. Googling gives completely unrelated results.

The word might be restricted to political discussions as a tactic to make the opposite opinion to seem more extreme than it is.


A: - I think we spend too much money on NASA.

B: - But if the amount we spend is the minimum needed to make the findings we do, and even a bit less budget would mean zero findings, wouldn't you keep it as it is?

A: - You are using a _____, and here we can do other than yes or no.


From a linguistic point of view, this type of question is known as a yes-no-question, which is a type of close-ended question.

However, since you mention that this type of question can be used as a tactic, you may also be interested in the informal fallacy known as false dilemma, in which someone gives only two options or choices when there is in fact a bigger range of options.

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