Found it in Patrick Rothfuss's book "The Slow Regard for Silent Things." I tried googling it but came up with nothing.

She already had straw here, and three bottles waited on a narrow ledge of stone along one wall. But looking at them, Auri frowned. There was a green one, a brown one, and a clear one. There was a wide wire baling top, a grey twisting lid, and a cork fat as a fist. They were all different shapes and sizes, but none of them were quite right.

Any ideas? Thanks.


I didn't know they were called this, but suspected it meant that type of bottle closure where the stopper is held in by a stiff wire arrangement that is over-centred and under tension. A bit of googling revealed this, for instance:https://freundcontainer.com/glass-bale-wire-bottles-with-swing-top-cap/

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