So I am doing a camp for vision impaired kids where I play movies for them with audio descriptions on. The other day I played the animated film Hotel Transylvania 2. I asked in a different post about a line from the film description, and here is another question.

Kids asked me what a "mountain sense water" is, because there is a line in the description that sounds like "Transforming into a bat, the vampire twirls over the surface of a mountain sense water, flying." I know "mountain sense water" is probably not what it is, but I just can't make out what it really says. The scene is Dracula follows Mavis, both in bat forms, plunging from their hotel tower, and soars over the surface of a lake at the foot of a mountain. Does a lake in foothills have a name that I am not aware of?

The audio clip can be found here.

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    Sounds more like "sends water flying"
    – Varun Nair
    Oct 27, 2017 at 7:35
  • I agree, it sounds like "the surface of a mountain and sends water flying." Cool, I never heard a clip like that before.
    – Ringo
    Oct 27, 2017 at 7:53

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...the vampire twirls over the surface of a moat and sends water flying.

The "lake at the foot of a mountain" is the moat in this case:

Definition of moat
1 :a deep and wide trench around the rampart of a fortified place (such as a castle) that is usually filled with water The moat can be crossed by a drawbridge.
2 :a channel resembling a moat (as about a seamount or for confinement of animals in a zoo) A Bengal tiger stared at me from across the moat.

Since a moat is usually filled with water, it would make sense for water to go flying, and a trench or channel filled with water has a surface one could fly over.

  • 'Moat' actually makes sense, given that Dracula stays in a castle, and castles have moats around them
    – Varun Nair
    Oct 27, 2017 at 11:29

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