Ok. so English is my 2nd language... I watch this episode of SNL. And people are cracking up.. But I can't get my head around why "Can a bitch get a donut?” is funny and who is Keven Roberts (Googling reveals he's a businessman).

The skit can be found at this link.

I've been googling long time to get any hints.. but no clue yet.. Please help?

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    Not every native speaker thinks the material on SNL is funny; some of it's terrible. To each their own. – green_ideas Nov 3 '17 at 17:07
  • What is this SNL? – SovereignSun Nov 4 '17 at 10:04
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    @SovereignSun It's short for Saturday Night Live, a long-running sketch comedy series. – snailplane Nov 5 '17 at 20:11

The character of Kevin Roberts is not a representation of a real person, just a 'typical' annoying person from the 1980s (we get this from the oversized-cellphone, fashion and the music he dances to).

The joke of the entire sketch is that the FBI shooting range is training cadets to quickly distinguish "good guys" from "bad guys", but you have annoying people like Kevin Roberts who aren't evil, but are irritating and people don't like them, so it is a moral dilemma whether or not to shoot them.

A lot of the things that Kevin Roberts says are egotistical and pretentious. He refers to himself as a "bitch", suggesting through outdated street slang that he is a tough guy. When he asks "can a bitch get a donut?" he is "the bitch" and is loudly demanding that an underling bring him a donut. Later in the sketch, someone does bring him a donut.

The lines he delivers are not jokes or puns, just absurd and build up an irritating character which is what some are finding funny.

The only other relevance I can see about asking for a donut is that at the end of the sketch Kevin is revealed to be the designer of the FBI shooting range, so is presumably a past FBI agent himself. It is a widely-used generalisation that US police like donuts.

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  • Gosh, it's the best explanation all around. Thank you! – D.W. Apr 29 '19 at 3:58

It is not a common phrase, nor would it be funny in any typical setting. In the skit, I think people are laughing specifically because it is just such a goofy and random phrase that doesn't fit the situation at all. And it's a weird character too, saying weird things, that makes the whole thing funny. Of course with any humor, many people may not find this skit funny at all.

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