I have the following sentences to be rephrased according to the word in brackets (by the way, I consider them to be related by the same thematics - comparisons so that they are involved in the same post):

  1. That's the silliest thing I've ever heard. (NEVER)
  2. Sam makes the same amount of money as Joe. (MUCH)
  3. I run faster than Laura. (DOESN'T)
  4. This book is much more interesting than that one. (LESS)

Please, take a look at the following I've put down:

  1. I've never heard sillier thing!
  2. Sam makes as much money as Joe does.
  3. Laura doesn't run faster than me.
  4. That book is far less interesting than this one.

Although I've written the above, I can't still make out if they are completely correct. They seem to be well-written for me but still.

Maybe the following would sound better or both variants are possible:

  1. I've never heard such a silly thing!
  2. Sam makes as much money as Joe.
  3. Laura doesn't run as fast as me/Laura doesn't run as fast as I do.
  4. That book is much less interesting than this one.
  • "much less" appears wrong in this context
    – rep_movsd
    May 21, 2021 at 16:26

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All of your sentences are fine, except for "I've never heard sillier thing" which is missing an "a":

I've never heard a sillier thing


I've never heard anything sillier.

Otherwise all of the sentences are a bit artificial, but that's not uncommon with language exercises when you're forced to adopt some predefined pattern.


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