I want to know the meaning all the "that" in this sentence. Are they all the same?

"He says he told the truth that the company misled consumers about the highly addictive nature of nicotine, that it ignored research indicating that some of the additives used to improve flavor caused cancer and that it had hid documents that could be used against the company in lawsuits brought by sick or dying smokers."

Source: Salter, C. (2009 April) Jeffery Wigand: The Whistle Blower.


The first four are conjunctions. They introduce a functioning as the object of a verb. The verbs involve reported ideas

He told that ...

He indicated that ...

He says that

The verb of (1) (2) and (4) is the verb "told" (in a list of objects) The verb of (3) is "indicating"

The last "that" is a relative pronoun - it introduces a clause that describes the word "documents".

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