I hope all the below form of sentences give ‘Passive’ meanings, am I correct?

1) be + verb3 [i.e. past participle]

be prepared.

2) being + verb3

being processed (but in continuous form).

3) getting/get/got + verb3

getting married.


Yes, absolutely correct! (Apparently that answer is too short: "Body must be at least 30 characters; you entered 24.") . So I'll try again:

Yes, absolutely correct! Those are all passive.


Yes, but all of them have different semantics.

Being + V3 is not grammatical by itself, but you can add copula (to indicate continuous aspect version of be + V3) or use it as gerund. Basically, being + V3 is just a conjugation of be + V3.

For be + V3 vs got + V3, look at this answered question: When do you use Get or Be in the passive voice?

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