"have never heard" or "had never heard": Which one should I use in the sentence?

I was at a ceremony. Suppose my friend asks me "What do you think of the song that they have just finished playing?", can I reply "It was great, I have /had never heard it before."

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    The difference is simply one of tense. Since the song is over (and thus in the past), use the past tense to describe it: It was great, I had never heard it before. If the question was asked while the song was still playing, then it's the opposite. – PMV Nov 12 '17 at 15:25
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The song is no more playing. Hence: "It was great!" or "It has been great!" (At least if the song performance is considered.)

With the second sentence you are referring to the period of time before the song performance. Hence you (have) heard the song now, you are referring to a period of time prior to a past event (the song performance) and have to use Past Perfect: "I had never heard it before."

(Disclaimer: I'm not a native speaker.)

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