Choose the best answer that.

He is a very hardworking student. He studies English .... Arabic.

  1. as soon as
  2. as long as
  3. as well as
  4. as well

The book which the test comes from said that the answer is 1 and as soon as means "in addition to". I didn't hear this meaning before and I think this answer is not correct. So what is the answer? What does each one mean? I know that 4 is definitely out.

  • It's a bit contrived, but in certain contexts, as soon as could be used here (with the sense that he is as willing / keen to study English as he is to study Arabic). Nov 12, 2017 at 17:29

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Number 3 "as well as" is the correct answer. "As well as" means "and also/additionally". I suspect it's a misprint that the book says the correct answer is number 1.


I eat meat as well as vegetables.

I fix foreign as well as domestic cars.

I write fiction as well as non-fiction books.

"As soon as" = "immediately after".

We will leave for the party as soon as you get dressed.

"As long as" = "while/provided something is true"

As long as you get good grades, you can stay up late.

"As well" = "also"

For the picnic, I brought cheese, bread, chicken, and potato salad, and a bottle of wine as well.

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