I am most eager to apply for your position of ........ because I am a person with an exact, efficient and dynamic leadership personality and I am also good in time, financial and organisation managment. I am hardworking, and quick to pick up new skills.

What can I say instead of "I am a person with x,y,z personality"

For example, is it right if I say:

"........because I am an exact, efficient and dynamic leadership person"


Take out the word person out altogether:

...because I am an exact, efficient, and dynamic leader

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  • Thank you for the answer if i remove the " dynamic leadrship" which one will be correct ".... because I am an exact, efficient person and also good in .... " or "because i am exact and efficient and also good in ..." – jasmin jasmin Nov 15 '17 at 20:47
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    Of course you are a person. You are not a bear or zebra! Leave out the word person. Use something more specific (like worker, or employee), or do what you did in your last example. (By the way, it's very hard to take your questions seriously if you can't even bother to capitalize "I".) – J.R. Nov 15 '17 at 22:11

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