Is this acceptable to say the following:

I am working on a project in my company

Will 'for' keep the same meaning?

How about 'at'?

Is there any rule of thumb to make such choices more easily?

I looked at Working in / for / at? but I have a feeling that my case is slightly different. Because here we have an additional noun before "company". I understand that saying: "I work at XYZ" is preferred but what if we have something else coming before? If somebody is working on a project, is he working for or at company?


I am working for a project in my company

This makes it sound like the project is your employer, or somehwat like that you are attempting to win a project for your company.

I am working on a project in my company

This is idiomatic.

You wouldn't work at a project unless the project was a place.

It's easiest if you just think of work on X as a phrasal verb that means "to perform work upon X and/or try to advance X to a state of completion."

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    Does this sound idiomatic to everyone? "In my company" has a military ring to me, whereas "at my company" or "for my company" sound corporate. – mamster Nov 17 '17 at 15:23

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