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The bumbling Washington brain trust committed another blunder, this time blindsiding a player who was trying to right his life off the field.

I don't recognize "right something off something" as a common phrase.


The player, perhaps a baseball player or football player, has had a rough life while "off the field", i.e. while he is not playing his sport. He may be an alcoholic, a wife-beater, a drug addict; maybe he has been arrested several times. If he is "trying to right his life off the field", he is trying to get his life straight; he's trying to get back on track; he's trying to pick up the pieces of his life and move on and become a better human being. The word "right" when used as a verb means "to correct" or "to straighten out" or "to put/make right".

I hope that might have helped you out. Take care and good luck.

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