Is "any" really necessary in the following sentences? If I omit in the sentences will that be grammatical?

Here are some examples:

1- When I reached John's home, I heard the barking of dogs. I asked john if there are (any) dogs in his house because I am scared of dogs.

2- Are there (any) ghosts in the world? What's your opinion, John? I don't believe there are (any) ghosts in the world.

3- Are there (any) humans who are immortal and can do anything they want.


Yes you can omit any in examples 1, 2 & 3, and the sentences are still correct, although personally I would keep any in the sentences.

I suppose any makes the sentence a little more specific, like:

Are there any ghosts (even one ghost) in the world?

or the difference between:

I want a girl to marry me some day.


I want any girl to marry me any day.

Any makes me appear more desperate in this case. :)

I know you didn't ask this but in:

Can any native speaker please answer this question?

...any is not optional. :)

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