Can I say so? Is it right in terms of grammar?

it was wrong to meet him without having had talked before

I know for sure that it's correct to say:

without having talked

but I mean exactly the past perfect time

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    Having talked is the correct participial past perfect. Having had talked is not a permissible construction--the perfect auxiliary HAVE can only appear once. – StoneyB on hiatus Nov 20 '17 at 1:54

It is correct to say having talked but not having had talked. The verb constructions / participles don't fit together. After having had you would need a noun for the sentence to be correct.


  • it was wrong to meet him without having had a discussion before

"Having talked" is correct. "Having had talked" is never correct.

Just to add to the existing answer: you suggested that "having had talked" might be appropriate because you're referring to "past perfect time". So you might be thinking of "having talked" as a use of the present perfect. This would be wrong.

"Having talked" is perfect, but it's not present perfect. Participles such as "having" are non-finite and have no tense. So there is no past equivalent of "having talked" because "having talked" isn't a present tense form (or any tense at all) in the first place.

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