Which of these is correct when replying to an e-mail requesting specific details:

Please find enclosed the required details of XXX team


Please find enclosed the required details for XXX team

(The XXX is the name of the team working on a specific project)

The second sounds right to me, though I cannot place why. I would like to know which is right and why.

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If the recipient of the email plans to give the details to the XXX team, then the enclosed plans are for the team.

If XXX team wrote the plans, and you are sending them to someone else, then the enclosed place are of the team – although from could work in that context as well.

In short, either preposition might be correct, but it depends on where the plans came from and who they are going to.

  • It may helpful to note that “to” and “for” are frequently interchangeable when they they are in the dative. “I bought a present to give to you; I brought a present for you”. Dec 7, 2017 at 18:06

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