I know "achieve my goal" is correct.

Is it good to say "fulfill my goal" or "accomplish my goal"?


  • If relevant for 'correctness', note that "fulfill" is American spelling; British spelling is "fulfil". – toandfro Dec 22 '13 at 23:18

Sure. All three are perfectly idiomatic normal English.

Angela fulfilled her goal of becoming a professional pianist.

Joseph accomplished his goal of getting into Harvard.

In order to fulfill my goal of becoming an astronaut one day, I will need to study physics and then become a professional pilot.


"fulfill"means you achieve the thing that you had hoped for ,promised ,wanted :

An Arizona couple fulfilled their dream of getting married in Tahiti.

"achieve" means to succeed in doing something good or getting the result you

wanted,after trying hard for a long time :

Women have yet to achieve full equality in the workplace.

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