The animals would hunt for food and bring it to the lion and the lion in turn would distribute the food to all.

Is it all right to use bring with would which is a past tense form of will or it should be changed to brought ? Also someone suggested to use amongst in last part of sentence i.e. distribute the food amongst all Is it required or to is fine here ?

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"Bring" is fine because you are really saying this:

"The animals would hunt for food and would bring it to the lion, who, in turn, would distribute the food to all."

I've made corrections above as you should probably have a "who" and some commas; however, this is not necessary; you can say it the way you have written it, but you should probably add a comma after the second "lion" and then after "turn". Also, you could use "amongst" or "among", but "to" is fine.

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