Here is a sentence:

Stork will be talking about his knowledge of vision, optics and computers——an entire 30-page CV's worth of scientific achievements——has let him look into Vermeer's light, and discover how closely it matches reality.

I don't quite understand the meaning of "'s worth of " in this sentence. I think it means be full of in this sentence. However, according to my knowledge, it doesn't have this meaning.


It's an idiom.

The relevant meaning in the Oxford English Dictionary is "2b. In extended use: the amount or quantity of something (material or immaterial) that is associated with, corresponds to, or lasts for a specified period of time, a given space, etc."

So "30 pages' worth" means "an amount of text that would fill 30 pages". Extending this idiom, "an entire 30-page CV's worth of scientific achievements" means "enough scientific achievements to fill an entire 30-page CV".

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