What are some other ways to say "My phone ran out of power", meaning my battery got depleted. What is the level of formality of each one?

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    Very informal: "My phone is out of juice." Very formal: "My phone's battery is completely discharged." Nov 28 '17 at 15:25
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    Also, "My battery is running low" / "...is running out" / "...has run out."
    – ashleedawg
    Nov 28 '17 at 16:15
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    There is something about this question which reminds me of the old joke about a schoolboy and a fountain pen (we used them when I was a lad, and they were all right until they ran out of ink). The joke was - Boy says "Please sir, my pen's run out", Teacher "Then run out and catch it dear boy". I guess modern child says "My battery's run out..."
    – WS2
    Nov 28 '17 at 16:16
  • My phone died (informal).
    – TypeIA
    Mar 6 at 16:25

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