I don't know if this kind of question is allowed here, but I'm going to ask anyway. In episode two of the BBC's documentary Civilization: Is The West History?, Mr. Ferguson, the narrator and presenter, says at 04:35

Bells rang out in Vienna and all across central Europe summoning the faithful to pray for divine mercy. You can get an idea of the desperate yet defiant mood in Vienna from the graffiti in the old bell tower of the [St. Stephen's] Cathedral. This says: "Muhammad, you dog, X, go home!"

X denotes the word I can't figure out. The word sounds like "do hoond".

Episode link on Youtube: https://youtube.com/watch?v=XGV1jAQVnBU

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After you dog the presenter says Du Hund (German for you dog), which are the actual words in the graffiti he is quoting. The graffiti is actually written in German (not English) in the cathedral in Vienna. But your ears are good, as Du Hund sounds like do hoond.

Note that the German word hund and the English word hound are related. They both mean dog (= hound).

And a link for Part 2 is


You've given the link for part 3.


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