In other words, what do you call this?

enter image description here

Few options pop in my mind: the end of the slide, the foot of the slide, but I'm not a native speaker so I'm not very sure.

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Most of us would just say "the bottom" of the slide. Especially if we were children, who are the ones who use it; children generally find simple ways to say things.

One might also refer to the "foot" of the slide. I don't think I would use "end" because it isn't clear whether I'm talking about the top end or the bottom end.

I also found this advertisement for a "multi-piece scoop slide," which has an "entrance" (top) section, an "exit" (bottom) section, and a variable number of "insert" (middle) sections, in order to accommodate different deck heights. So, perhaps people in the business of manufacturing slides would call the bottom the "exit."

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