I have been looking at a website for booking a taxi with pickup at an airport, and I am puzzled by an option I have: there is a check box for an option labeled as I would like to go by the hours. See screenshot:

I do not understand what it means in this context: does it mean I can choose to pay the taxi on a hourly rate instead of a flat fee, or instead of paying on the number of kilometers of the ride ?

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    It corresponds to "louer à l'heure / à la journée etc" in French. :) – user66237 Dec 6 '17 at 21:16

If you click the button on a similar form I found, it brings up a choice of a number of hours, so my guess is that instead of charging you to go from one place to another place, you can reserve the car for a number of hours and it will take you multiple places. To "go by the hours" is not idiomatic.

What they probably meant was "I want to rent/reserve by the hour". For example,

With Legends Limousine, you can reserve comfort and style by the hour. (Source)

This means that you pay an hourly rate, or a fixed amount for each hour that you have the car service.

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