I got a call from a website

He said "I'm speaking from xyz company"

I replied "You called for human verification?"

He said "when"

Maybe he thought I'm asking "Did you call for human verification (earlier)"

Btw can we use past simple for current actions?

As far as I think in informal talks We can use past simple for present ..

Or should I have said the whole thing

You've called for human verification?

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To make it clear you are asking a question, you could have introduced the verb 'to have' and reversed the subject and the verb:

"Have you called for human verification?"

That would make it 100% clear you were asking a question. Otherwise, it just comes across as a statement and the question can only be inferred by an upward inflection of the voice.

  • Or "Did you call ..."
    – James K
    Commented Jan 1, 2022 at 22:55

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