where I have to use aren't ? can I use "aren't" when I'm talking about clothes? example; " aren't this blouses a little expensive?" is it right?

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Your use of aren't is correct, although you need "these blouses", not "this blouses". If you want to refer to a single item, you need to use isn't. Aren't is a contraction is are not, and isn't is a contraction of is not.

  • Aren't these blouses a little expensive?
  • Isn't this blouse a little expensive?
  • Or if you wanna be too informal you could use ain't for either plural or singular. – SovereignSun Dec 5 '17 at 14:24

Mick probably gave you the answer you need, but a broader answer to when you can use "aren't" is that you can use it in present tense negative with the second-person singular and first-, second-, and third-persons plural:

Second-person singular: You aren't.
First-person plural: We aren't.
Second-person plural: You aren't.
Third-person plural: They aren't. (Also, "These blouses aren't.")

All of these become negative interrogative simply by reversing their order. And in a fluke of English, you can also use aren't in present tense negative interrogative with the first-person singular: "Aren't I?" Although, if you didn't use a contraction, you'd conjugate it as "Am I not?"

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