I got paid for my part time job.

I got paid by my part time job.

What I want to say here is "I got paid by working part time." I know I can just say "I got paid", but I want to say that I earned some money "from working part time job."

Then which preposition should I use here?

  • You can also be "paid by the job", which means you get paid after each job is completed. – user3169 Dec 11 '17 at 21:24

You should probably use the preposition 'for' as you were paid for an action you did, whereas 'by' is assuming that the part time job paid you instead of the company, which sounds seemingly less reputable? Your best bet is saying 'for', *either way. 'by' is usually used with passive sentences, or the way something is done. Check ecenglish for more info. Best of luck.


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