I'm study English today and I have a question about the sentence

I have one attempt

Is it correct to say?

I have an attempt

However, when I use one or a/an?


The words, 'a' and 'an', are connectives used in the same area roughly.

  • 'a' - This is used as a connective when the following word does NOT begin with a vowel. Vowels are... A, E, I, O, U. A correct sentence containing 'a' would be...

    "... I was running across the street till a car hit me."

  • 'an' - This is also used as a connective when the following word is a noun that begins with a vowel. Words that you would use 'an' behind include;

    apple, energy, eggs

    An example in a sentence would be; "... I need to call an ambulance."

'One' is different, as it is used not as a connective but as a pronoun. 'One' is an easy way to refer to a person or a thing that was previously mentioned or easily identified. An example would be...;

"... That is the one evil of our country," answered the invisible man"

Regarding your question, your first sentence is information - you are telling someone they only have one attempt. You are using 'one' as a number, not as a pronoun. The second sentence also clarifies you only have one attempt, however it is worded quite awkwardly. Try phrasing it like so;

"I have an attempt to study"

Try to make sure to describe what you're doing to make more sense in the sentence, similar to other languages.

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