What are the proper usage of New year's eve in the below sentence? Or, What are verbs for New Year's Eve?

For example, the scenario is like this. I have to choose to have my New year's eve with my parents or my wife's. So far the only verb I know is HAVE. Is it proper? And is there any better way to express it? Such as that I have choose one from my parents and my wife's for New year's eve.

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Typically, when we are talking about holidays, we say that we spend them. This is probably the most natural word to use in this situation. So, I would rewrite your example sentence like this:

I have to make a choice with whom to spend New Year's Eve. Either with my parents or my wife's parents.

However, the verb have is absolutely fine too:

I'm going to have Christmas with my wife's family this year.

As you can see, both work. The only thing to note here is that spend is on average a more common verb to use when talking about holidays, birthdays, Christmas, et cetera.

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