‘How now!’ said Scrooge, caustic and cold as ever. `What do you want with me?’
‘Much!’ -- Marley’s voice, no doubt about it.
‘Who are you?’
‘Ask me who I was.’
‘Who were you then?’ said Scrooge, raising his voice. ‘You’re particular, for a shade.’ He was going to say ‘to a shade,’ but substituted this, as more appropriate.

What is the difference between for a shade and to a shade? I believe shade means ghost.

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In this context, particular means picky. From Merriam-Webster:

a : concerned over or attentive to details : meticulous
a very particular gardener
b : nice in taste : fastidious
She's very particular about her clothes.
c : hard to please : exacting
never loses patience even with the most particular customers

Scrooge is saying that Marley is being attentive to a rather unimportant-seeming detail, because Marley corrected his tense.

The "to a shade" vs. "for a shade" bit is a play on two different meanings of "shade."

In "You're particular, for a shade," the implication is that Marley is very picky, compared to other ghosts. (Shade would mean ghost here, as you guessed.)

I can only make an educated guess what the meaning of "You're particular, to a shade" would be since there could be a couple of ways to read it. But I'd choose a meaning for shade here along these lines, again from Merriam-Webster:

a minute difference or variation : nuance

I would then read it to mean something like, "You're very particular, right down to being particular about tiny nuances in meaning."

It's possible that "to a shade" has an idiomatic meaning I'm unaware of, or that it did in Dickens's time, but I couldn't find information about one.

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