Somebody has checked my LinkedIn profile: I want to send him a message. I have found the following sentence on the web to start my message with

I noticed that you had stumbled upon my profile....

The word stumble looks a bit formal to me.

Is there any alternative for that?


In my opinion, "stumbled upon" is less formal and "come across" is more formal.

Other variations:

...happened upon your profile.

...chanced upon...



...bumped into...

Google NGram

The phrase "stumble upon" has become more popular in recent years because of a site & app by the same name, which is for discovering/"stumbling onto" semi-random websites (and maybe for learning English!) :



In this case, simply "found" would also work. Or "came upon".

By the way, I agree with ashleedawg that "stumble upon" is not formal at all.

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