<@1.1>It's only 4 hours flying time from Sydney, but a world away.<@1.2>What better place to rest than a country where the only place people hurry is on the football field and things are done in "Fiji time"?

<@2.1>Viti Lev-Great Fiji-is the largest island.<@2.2>Here you'll find the capital Suva and the international airport at Nadi Vatoa, on the other hand, is a tiny island in the farthest part of Hiji.<@2.3>Then there are 331 other islands, many of them with places to stay.

<@3.1>With less than a million people living on islands, you'll never feel crowded.<@3.2>And with a climate(气候)that changes only for five degrees between seasons, there's never a bad time to come.

<@4.1>From cities to villages, from mountains to beaches, from water sports to wooden artworks, Fiji can give you more adventures and special experiences than you could find almost any where in the world.

<@5.1>Whenever you come , wherever you go ,you're sure to see some unforgettable events , From war dances to religious (宗教的) songs.<@5.2>From market days to religious days.<@5.3>It's not just staged for tourists; it's still a part of everyday life in Fiji And any one of us can enjoy Fiji's spirit by being part of the traditional (传统的) sharing of yaqona-a drink made from the root of a Fiji plant

<@6.1>So why not join us for the experience of a lifetime?

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Literally, the phrase things are done in "Fiji time" means that [people who live there] do things in "Fiji time". This suggests that Fiji people do things in some unique way.

Fiji time refers to the time people spent in Fiji.

As the previous part of the phrase suggests, Fiji is the only place where "the only place people hurry is on the football field". This means that they don't rush things in life (except on the football field). Staying in Fiji must be very casual and easygoing.

What a good place to stay and enjoy your vacation!


Someplace time is a phrase used to show that a geographic location is using a different time from another geographic location

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) (+0 UTC)
Eastern Standard Time (EST) (+5 UTC)
Daylight Savings Time (DST or BST)

that it is a particular time zone which uses a specified time to coordinate activities

Things are done in Fiji time is a colloquial expression meaning Fiji is metaphorically in its own time zone. It is used to contrast the rhythm and speed things happen in Fuji compared to the rest of the world. The writer is saying that things happen at a more laid back, slower, and relaxed pace in Fiji versus Sydney (in the example), which is a large bustling city.

This is characterised by being

a world away (from Sydney)


the only place people hurry is on the football field

and answers the question

What better place to rest

This is in contrast to New York time

New York Minute

where time is at a premium in the city that never sleeps and people are constantly rushing around just to stay in place and not fall behind.

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