What does constituencies mean in this phrase:

The design of the used implementation of the software is distributed over different design constituencies, sometimes located in two or more organisations.

The dictionary specifies that the word constituency reffers to a group of voters in a specified area who elect a representative to a legislative body.

But the phrase above has nothing to do with politics.


Searching for the full term - Design constituencies - I found this quote:

The design constituency also helps to ensure that the results inform strategic planning. Design constituencies open up design processes to the different stakeholders (Wessels et al., 2009; Balka et al., 2008). The aim is to include all those involved in service change...


It suggests that Design constituencies is referring to all the groups of people having a say in what the design will look like. In a way, constituency does have the same meaning here as in politics - both refer to a group of people that have a say/vote/influence regarding some decision/outcome.

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