What is the difference between the following?

I am lonely

I am alone

'Lonely' and 'alone' both are adjectives and adverbs, that is why I am confused.

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    I think saying "I'm feeling alone," is not much different in meaning from saying "I'm feeling lonely." The difference would become clearer when you compare "I'm alone," with "I'm lonely." – Damkerng T. Dec 30 '13 at 20:04

I am alone means I am by myself; there is no one else around.

alone 1. Being apart from others; solitary.

I am lonely means that I feel sad because I don't have anyone else around me- I miss the presence of other people.

lonely a. Dejected by the awareness of being alone

You can be lonely when you are alone or you can be alone without feeling the least bit lonely.

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I'm Alone means, Your are alone, I have no one else hear near me.

I'm Lonely means I'm alone I have no one by my side at the moment, I want someone's presence near me.

I'm Lonely and I'm Alone mean two different things, but they do have somewhat similar meanings. But that doesn't mean they have the same meaning.

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